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Electronic Body Fat SCALE model BF109 MAGIC [ BF109 ]

Electronic Body Fat SCALE model BF109 MAGIC

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About Electronic Body Fat SCALE model BF109 MAGIC [ BF109 ]

Electronic Body Fat SCALE model BF 109 MAGIC
Product Information :
Having a fit and healthy body is very important for every family . Controling the weight by a home scale can give you a regular check without worry about different numbers which other scales show . Therefore you can say to the others : I control my weight without any doubt .

  • Product Specification
    - Model : BF 109
    - Max capacity : 150 kg 330LB/24ST
    - Division : 100 g / 0.2LB
    - 32 mm LCD DISPLAY
    - Power : 1*9 V battery
    - Fat/Water / hydration / graduation : 0.1%
    - Memory person : 10 persons
    - Foot tap switch
    - Auto ZERO & auto OFF indication
    - Low battery indication
    - Over load indication
    - Color of parts : metal : silver / transparent glass
  • How To Use
    - Step 1 : Put the scales on a hard flat surface / avoiding carpets or any soft surfaces
    - Step 2 : Switch on the scales by with a slight tap on the glass platform near LCD display . Then waite a few seconds
    - Note : The scales will not work properly if you step on the scales before it shows ( 8 ) or ( 0.0 ). If this happens please start from the beginning of step 2.
    - Step 3 : Gently step on the scales . Put your feet evenly on the scales without moving and wait whilst the scales compute weight . Your correct weight will then be displayed in the following way ( 80.3) = 80 kg , 300 g
    - When you step off the scales , it will automatically switch off . If no weighing is carried out while the zero is being displayed , the scales will automatically switch themselves off after approximately 6 seconds
    - Always weight yourself without clothing or footwear , and before meals . The first thing in the morning is the best time
    - Keep away from children may cause suffocation
    - Dont use in cots , prams , buggies , beds or playpens
    - The thin film may cling to the mouth and nose and prevent breathing
    - Slipping with water
    Care and Attention : - Place your scales on a hard , flat surface will ensure the greatest accurancy and repeatability - Always weigh yourself on the same scales placed on the same floor surface . Uneven floors may affect the readings - clean your scale with a damp cloth but do not allow water to get inside the scales . Dont use any chemical cleaning agents - Dont store the scales in an upright position when not in use as this will drain the batteries - Remove the batteries if the scales are not going to be used for a long period of time - Treat your scales with care-it is a precision instrument , do not drop or jump up or down on them - Dont allow your scales to bcome saturated with water as this can damage the electronics

  • Electronic Body Fat SCALE model BF109 MAGIC [ BF109 ]

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